Royal Air Force Lodge was founded in 1954 by a number of serving Royal Air Force officers who were based in the Air Ministry in central London.  Their idea was to provide a central Masonic base for RAF officers based in London who were Freemasons and who, due to their posting to London, might not be able to return to their own lodges for meetings.  At the time the Air Ministry had a large number of officers most of whom had served in the second world war and the newly formed lodge was an ideal place to experience the camaraderie and friendship of Freemasonry.  The founding members applied to the United Grand Lodge of England for permission to consecrate a new lodge to be called “Royal Air Force Lodge”.

As a private lodge there is no formal connection to the Royal Air Force although permission was sought from the Queen to incorporate the RAF Eagle and motto “Per Ardua Ad Astra” into the logo of the lodge.  The Queen was only too happy to grant this permission as her own father King George VI had been a keen Freemason.

The lodge has grown and developed over the years but still maintains its original membership criteria that members must be serving or retired RAF officers.  The lodge’s membership today has serving and retired officers in roughly equal proportions.  The meetings are well attended with typically 30 to 40 present made up of both members and visitors.  The Lodge enjoys hosting fellow Freemasons and strives to make all visitors welcome, regardless of any military connections or military rank – all are made welcome.

The nature of the lodge has the advantage of keeping the retired officers in touch with serving officers and allows serving officers a chance to continue Masonic advancement in a stable environment.  Serving members can often miss meetings due to service commitments, commitments which are recognised and well understood by the members.

The Lodge prides itself on being one of the only, masonic lodges with such a strong connection to the RAF.   All Lodge members set great store by accurate and well delivered Ritual, which all goes to make the Lodge such a pleasant place.  The Festive Board is always of particularly high quality and the speeches a delight to hear.

If you are already a Freemason and would like to visit please get in touch, we’d love to see you regardless of your rank or military connections.