The Royal Air Force
Lodge No 7335
Hello and welcome to the home page of The Royal Air Force Lodge,
 No 7335 on the Registers of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London
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The Royal Air Force Lodge was founded in 1954 by a group of serving Royal Air Force officers to provide a central Masonic base for officers who might be posted anywhere in the world.  The Lodge caters exclusively for serving and retired officers of the Royal Air Force, including Auxiliaries and Reserves, and the Royal Flying Corps (although there are not too many of the latter now in the Lodge!).
The Lodge, comprising serving and retired officers in roughly equal proportions, has the advantage of keeping the retired officers in touch with ‘their’ Service and for the serving officer a chance to pursue Masonic advancement in a stable environment.  For the serving officer with duties to discharge in a Lodge meeting it is also an advantage to belong to an understanding Lodge when, at the very last moment, he has to dash off to the other end of the earth.  It has also been known for the Master to be stuck in the middle of the USA in an unserviceable aircraft, when he (and everyone else) expected him to take the Chair at a Lodge meeting!
The Lodge prides itself on being the premier Royal Air Force Lodge in the country (which of course means the World), although there are other Lodges which might dispute that!  All Lodge members set great store by accurate and comprehending Ritual, which all goes to make the Lodge such a pleasant place.  The Festive Board is always of particularly high quality and the speeches a delight to hear.
The Lodge meets in Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street, London on the second Monday in January, the fourth Monday in March, the third Friday in May and the third Monday in October;  the Installation Ceremony for the Master takes place in the October meeting.
Enquiries from qualified Brethren about visiting the Lodge, or those men who may wish to be considered for membership, may be made to the Secretary,  c/o Forest Gate, Huntley, Gloucestershire GL19 3EU.  Alternatively electronic and informal contact may be made to the author, Sqn Ldr R C Blakemore RAF Rtd at

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